TurnerPhillips is a full service graphic design and advertising firm with the ability and experience to help you in all phases of project development, from concept to completion. We have a firm grasp of all facets of the business, from traditional design to hitech production and web site design.

At TurnerPhillips, we are committed to the belief that good design depends upon teamwork between the designer and client. For the creative process is not a solitary pursuit. Rather, it is a melding of talents, performed in unison, that truly result in a winning product.

Samples of our work
TurnerPhillips has the experience and ability to take your projects from start to finish. Over the years, we have had the pleasure to work with a wide range of top-flight clients. Presented here are a few projects we've worked on in the past.

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Corporate Communications, Advertising and Graphic Design
These days, corporations and businesses are looking for ways to more effectively and efficiently communicate with customers, clients, and colleagues. TurnerPhillips' proven expertise in traditional forms of graphic design for corporate communications, combined with our knowledge of emerging communication trends, make us a logical partner for your next project.
Whether you need sales literature, an identity program, advertising, annual reports, packaging, or special promotional materials, we're here to lend a hand. What's more, we are comfortable in teaming with your in-house staff, or, if need be, we can assemble a full creative and production team to make sure that your message is communicated on target, on time, and on budget.

TurnerPhillips is the brainchild of Diane Wooldridge, a graphic designer with 14 years experience in the competitive Dallas/Fort Worth advertising and graphic design community.

TurnerPhillips has a strong relationship with many of the top names in American soccer. Among the clients we have worked for are the Dallas Cup® Inc. (our tenth year with the premier international youth soccer tournament), US Youth Soccer Association, North Texas State Soccer Association, Lotto Sport U.S.A., Plano Sports Center, tournaments, clubs and camps all over the U.S.A.

For more information, please contact
Diane Wooldridge at (817) 937-6311
Please send e-mail to Diane@TurnerPhillips.com